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Our portfolio.

From initial concept to commissioning.

Concept & Planning

A solid concept is the basis for optimal planning. For a successful project, we deal with your company, your industry, your products and your ideas in advance. We clarify the desired functions of the production, modularisation and automation intentions and all necessary boundary conditions. Of course, we also take into account possible changes in production processes (e.g. due to changes in batch sizes) and future modular expansion possibilities.

In an initial design, we develop a concept for your production processes. From partially automated cell concepts to sub-processes and expansion to complete assembly lines.

An initial CAD model visualises dimensions of machines, cells or lines and takes into account e.g. design calculations, statics and all basic functionalities.

After the first rough concept, detailed concepts are developed (e.g. supply and drive). The entire functional sequence of the (sub-)process is taken into account. The corresponding description is given in the specifications.


From the individual tool to the complete production line, we have the know-how for the respective product and interface design. Once the project framework conditions are available, a basic (plant) design is created. We work with all common/ modern CAD and simulation systems; in addition, we use PLM systems of our customers.

In addition to complete conceptual designs, we also undertake the production and management of detailed drawings - from design drafts to tool-ready data, e.g.

  • 3-D design
  • 2-D production drawings
  • Flame cutting template
  • Layouts
  • Parts lists
  • Station drawings
  • Statics control FEA

Here, too, we are always in direct dialogue with our clients, who thus save their own resources, optimise in-house processes and reduce production lead times.


Here too - regardless of whether assemblies or complex processes - the project is digitally simulated before further development. Using the latest design tools (RobCAD / ProcesSimulate / DELMIA / KUKASIM), a digital twin is created, enabling any errors in planning, design or software to be detected at an early stage.

Performance requirements are already checked in the digital format and it is ensured that design, processes and safety are guaranteed for the production system (e.g. robot).

Excerpt of our simulation formats:

  • Process simulation
  • Cell simulatipon
  • Creation of the simulation model
  • Ergonomics studies
  • Cycle time diagram
  • Safety concept
  • Process validation
  • Robot validation
  • Creation OLP
  • Cycle time validation
  • Robot interlocks
  • Updating the robot cells


AD-Tech creates complete technical documentation for all concepts and plans, as well as for existing objects, according to customer specifications.

If necessary, dimensions are taken on site, existing paper drawings or CAD files are used and 3D models with updated documentation are created (reverse engineering) or the existing documentation is updated.

Drawings with parts lists are created, which in turn can be adapted to the requirements and factory standards at any time.

Of course, client standards (layout, drawing frames, layer structures, drawing formats, colour conventions or line widths, etc.) are adhered to.

Project management

AD-Tech has more than 20 years of experience in project management and has since been a reliable partner of renowned companies in the automotive, logistics, healthcare, aerospace, bike etc. sectors.

For us, the scope of project management tasks depends primarily on the size and complexity of the project and the task - from the integration of a new plant to the development and commissioning of a complete production line.

Project management at AD-Tech also means optimising development times, as product technologies and production design are developed simultaneously.


  • As-is survey of the plant on site

  • Support of the design team at the customer

  • Work breakdown structure

  • Design meeting with customers

  • Customer contact

  • Planning and controlling of the time schedule (milestone planning)

  • Project monitoring

  • Change management and cost monitoring

  • Budget planning

  • Interface management (suppliers)

Business Development

In a time of continuous change, companies must be prepared for a multitude of changes. Especially in the field of technical engineering, the topic of production optimisation plays a not insignificant role - not least because of the ongoing shortage of employees in manufacturing companies.

Our experience in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, heavy industry, healthcare logistics and e-mobility enables us to identify potentials in your company and to further develop your production.

Together with our customers, we develop potentials for partially or fully automated processes - individually and precisely. We compensate for the increasing shortage of skilled workers in a wide range of industries with our automation solutions.